Job Openings

Full Time Toddler Teacher Job Description

Work a straight 8 hour shift with a group of ten toddlers 12-20 months old.Team teaching with another teacher.  Meals (breakfast, lunch, and snack) are included.  Need to make weekly lesson plans for activities that you will be doing with the toddlers.  Job includes feeding, changing diapers, and interacting with the children, making them feel secure and loved.

Full Time Floater Job Description

The Floater will need to be ready to go into any of our five class rooms,  Infants – Pre K and fill in for absent teacher along with the remaining teacher.  When not needed in the classroom, the Floater would help with secretarial duties and act as a para in a classroom that was experiencing a stressful situation.  Floater needs to have had experience with children of these different ages and be flexible.

We are also seeking a young woman who would like to learn to work caring for infants in our Infant unit.

For more information, please contact Judy Friesen at,  620-327-3775.