School-Age Program “Kids Connect”

The School-Age Program held at Hesston Elementary school provides before and after school care for children kindergarten through fourth grade.

Inside Hesston Elementary School

300 E. Amos


AJ Kingsley


The before school program begins at 6:30 a.m. and continues until breakfast is served.  The program continues with the school dismissal bell at 3:05 and closes at 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.  On those days in which school is not in session, the program will operate 6:30 a.m.-6 p.m.

The program is facilitated by a program director and staff who are there to encourage recreation while building self-esteem and social skills that will help them succeed in and out of the classroom. This is not an extension of school, therefore we do not offer educational support.   However, if a child chooses to work on their studies we are equipped to meet their needs.  Each child is provided with a nutritious snack on their arrival and is then given free choice of indoor games to play.  As the last child finishes snack, we head outside, play group games or take advantage of the gymnasium.  All activities are appropriate for the varying age groups found in our program.  Safety, Respect for Self and Respect for Others are encouraged within the Hesston After-school Program.

Kids Connect Summer Camp

Hello, Bienvenido, Wilkommen, and Bonjour! Join us for Hesston Kids Connect Summer Camp where we will explore different cultures by tasting exotic treats, playing new games, learning history and even some new languages!

Each week we will introduce a new country, such as, Germany, India, and Japan through art projects, stories, science experiments, recreational activities, and guest speakers. Children will be given the opportunity, at the end of summer, to showcase what they’ve learned with paintings, stories, theater plays, etc. at our World Culture Fair!

We will also be going to the pool, taking field trips to various nature centers, water parks, the Hutchinson Zoo and taking time to just relax, play and be kids…it is still summer, after all.

Come join us and let’s travel the world together!
Thank you, Gracias, Danke, and Merci.


Summer Camp Information

Start/End date: Information coming soon


5 days per week:

4 days per week:

3 days per week: