Enrollment – Wait List

Fill out all of the information on the form. This will automatically add you to our wait list. We use a first come – first serve policy, meaning the sooner you fill out the form, the higher up you will be on the list. In the comment box, please include the days you will be needing care and any additional important information. It is important to state your e-mail because you will be receiving automatic monthly updates from the wait list. If you do not use e-mail, please leave a note in the comment box. The wait list does not guarantee you a slot, but it is hopeful that down the road we could serve your child and family. We state this so that you do not rely solely on us for care when we can not always assure you a set start date. If a slot is available when you are added to the wait list, you will be notified. Be sure to read the policies stated below for more important information. 

To enroll at Hesston Child Care use the following link:

Enrollment/Wait List Form

For children over one year of age:

When new parents indicate they are ready to enroll their child(children) at our center they will need to pay the $10 enrollment fee.  If there is currently a slot available for their child, we will hold the slot for two weeks.  After that time the child needs to come a minimum of two days per week, or pay for two days a week to hold the slot for when they are ready to start.  These fees are  non-refundable .  If there is not a slot available when they call, they can be put on the waiting list at no charge, and we will call when a slot opens up.  We will fill classes on a first come first serve basis.  Current families that do not need care for the summer, but wish a full time slot of mid-August will have to pay or have their child come two days per week to reserve a slot.  We will start holding full time slots for mid-August the first of June. It is up to parents to decide at what point in the summer they want to be assured of a full time slot for fall or risk not having space (The purpose of the summer policy is to keep our quality teachers for the fall).


Holding space for the Infant Room:

Because the infant room is kept full year around, our policy for infants is different.  We ask parents to put down $100 when we have told them we will have a slot for their infant (often this is 6-9 months out).  This $100 can be applied to the first month’s tuition or is refundable, as its purpose is to be sure that we are notified if the parents change their minds.

Wait – List Policy: 

The Hesston Community Child Care Board has agreed to follow the policy of First Come – First Serve when it comes to our wait list. This means that especially in the infant room (where slots are limited due to ratio and high demand), if someone has asked for an infant slot early and is still waiting after the infant is born for a slot to open up, they may get in before a current parent who puts their name in as soon as they know they are expecting. Parent’s may mark on the wait-list form “trying”, but will only be allowed this status on the list for 3 months. If not pregnant after the 3 months, you must fill the wait-list form again. Having a child or children already enrolled in the center will not give you priority over an outside person who has asked earlier. This will be the same for both the infant waiting list as well as the general list. Again, the wait list does not guarantee that you will receive care from us, but it is hopeful that down the road we can serve your child and family. We state this so that you do not rely solely on us for care if we can not assure you of a set date. As the only center offering infant and toddler services in Hesston, we want to serve the entire community by giving everyone a chance at attending our center.  If a slot is available for your child’s age when you are added to the wait list, we will contact you for further enrollment steps.

Thank you for visiting our page, we look forward to serving your family.