Intergenerational Programs

Our unique center was purposefully built to promote many levels of interactions with the residents of Schowalter Villa.

We offer:

  • Observation through large windows into our multli-purpose room and infant/toddler rooms as well as low outside windows in each classroom.
  • Visits each week by all children to various halls at the Villa.
  • Special planned activities in our large room, in the Villa lounges, or on “Main Street” the connecting link between our buildings.
  • Informal interactions as children are outside playing, as visitors come to the classroom or as the children go for ice cream on Main Street in Villa.
  • Residents as teacher-aides in our classroom every day.
  • An Intergenerational Coordinator who plans and evaluates the intereactions between the children, residents and college students.

As a result of these interactions our children show less fear of the elderly, learn compassion for them, become more accepting of differences, and gain first hand knowledge of life cycles.