Toddler Programs


We offer:

  • Two toddler classrooms; Toddler I and Toddler II

Toddler I

  • 12 months to 18/20 months

Toddler II

  • 18/20 months to 24 months

Children in the Toddler program

  • begin to use their words to express needs and wants
  • learn to use gentle touches
  • experiment with crayons, paint, clay, and other media
  • work simple puzzles
  • play with “take apart and put back together” toys
  • learn simple songs and finger plays, play music
  • listen to short pictures books
  • play “make believe”
  • learn to use the potty chair
  • feed themselves with spoons, take naps after lunch
  • run, jump, and climb outdoors everyday, weather permitting, plus
  • have access to large playroom with toys
  • participate in weekly intergenerational activity with Villa residents

Both Toddler classrooms are licensed for 10 children and feature:

  • exterior doors that lead outside to a patio, garden, and fenced playground
  • observation windows from the lobby or hallway
  • large, low widows to exterior
  • bathroooms, changing tables
  • furniture that is age appropriate, lofts to climb up
  • variety of toys and books
  • storage bins for each child’s items

Toddler 1

Toddler 2